Plunge Boom

United Kingdom

The Vegetable Nannies
Jardim das Oliveiras
28 May 11h50am and 5pm | 29 May at 2.30pm and 4.20pm
30 May at 12.20pm and 3.30pm

Direction, author and puppeteer: Ben Faulks Puppeteer: Jon McGrath Photographs: Steve Allen Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/4 Time: Aprox. 25 min.

“The Vegetable Nannies” is a strolling interactive performance. Wheeling an ancient Victorian Pram laden with a prized collection of vegetables, the Nannies are out for the day, showing off their allotment cherubs and telling many a tale, like every proud parent would. Audiences are able to befriend, pet, feed & comfort all manner of earthen toddlers, such as Magnus the ambitious downhill-racing watermelon, Jessica the award winning sweet potato beauty queen & even David, the talented little marrow whose ambition is to become a stage actor. 

Plunge Boom deliver shows that are deliciously wonky and thoroughly interactive. Acts are small-scale in nature and aimed at child and family audiences. Established by Ben Faulks in 2006 as a vehicle to develop performances that were interactive and mobile. Ben comes from a background of devising and performing for black box theatre and has produced shows for touring on regional, national and international levels.
Plunge Boom have performed at numerous festivals, carnivals, parades, libraries, museums and parties throughout the UK, Europe and Canada.

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