Cie Gare Centrale


Troubles: ô!..., iiii!..., ah!
26, 27, 28 May at 9.30pm

Performers: Agnès Limbos e Gregory Houben (at the table) Trumpet: Gregory Houben Direction: Sabine Durand Costumes: Françoise Colpé Conception, scenography and props: Agnès Limbos Ligthing design and régie: Karl Descarreaux Special effects: Nicole Eeckhout Photography: Mélanie Rutten Light Prop: Maria Brouillard Acknowledgements: Marie Kateline Rutten Technique: Teatro de objectos Object theatre For audiences over: M/13 Time: 65 min. Language: English Co-production: Théâtre de la Balsamine (Brussels)

Everything had been planned so carefully, yet...

Ô!: New York City, around midnight; amidst cigarette smoke and nighttime mist, a freshly married couple is getting ready for a long honeymoon, expecting it to be perfect and Hollywood-like.

Iiii! But the pink fairytale will soon turn to a grayish nightmare as a red-eyed wolf invites himself to their table, forcing their marital bliss to collapse into the abyss.

Ah! Within this funny/spooky turmoil, the two characters do their best to catch their balance, for better and for worse. All the while the storm is brewing in the distance...

A little weird touch that makes us remember mysterious ambiances from the 50s, a Hitchcock movie… David Lynch…

Agnès Limbos returns to FIMFA and take us into her humorous and wild universe, where she has fun congregating fantasy and reality, tragedy and humour. Object theatre to be enjoyed with pleasure…

The Cie Gare Centrale is specialized in object theatre and was created in 1984 by Agnès Limbos, one of the most highly regarded performers in the international children's theatre world, she also performs to the delight of adult audiences. A gifted and versatile clown, actress and puppeteer, Agnès has appeared at the most prestigious festivals in Europe and North America. Her one-woman shows touches everyone alike with humour and poignancy. Besides the creation of shows, the company dedicates to the diffusion and production for all audiences. They organize workshops about object theatre, collaborations in international laboratories or artistic residences.

Scheduled on the Funicular Project (intensive workshops aimed for professionals), a training project of CAMa - Centro de Artes da Marioneta in partnership with Museu da Marioneta, Agnès Limbos wild lead a workshop in Lisbon in September, entitled "The Actor and the Object".

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