Claus Knecht Großmann


Grete L. und ihr K.
29 May at 9.30pm 30 May at 3.30pm

Direction: Jonas Knecht Idea, conception and puppeteers: Susi Claus and Lutz Großmann Puppets: Lutz Großmann Scenography: Collective Photographs: Angelo Ressegatti Technique: Marionetas de luva For audiences over: M/12 Time: 70 min. Language: German with English subtitles Co-production: FIDENA

Grete L. und ihr K.” a violent chamber play about the frailty of love.

Kasper and the Devil have been arch-enemies for centuries. The Devil has been defeated by Kasper tricks again and again and again. That makes the Devil furious. So he cooks up a cunning plan to trap Kasper once and for all.

Margarete Ludwig a young lady, 33 years old and single. She changes men like there’s no tomorrow. They come and go and go and come! As the years pass her by, she can only laugh bitterly at the way her life has turned out. She sings the Blues and wants to jump off the next bridge. But along comes her chance, finally, to put her life to rights. Persuaded by the Devil she changes her name to Grete L. and meets at last the man of her dreams: Kasper. Kasper has been doing what a Kasper does. He eats, drinks, shits and fucks. Suddenly, as soon as he meets Grete L. that all changes. He is a new man.

They become a couple, climb together the summits of Love, Joy and Passion and start a family. Time passes… And inevitably the passionate summits give way to a descent into the tedious monotony of everyday family life. The Devil’s cunning plan starts to take shape...

... a great demonstration what puppet theatre can be. The audience in Bochum cheered this premiere. Many curtain calls; the people stamped their feet with appreciation.
WAZ Bochum, 22.09.2008

... transfer in their play an enthusiasm for this old history around Kasper, Gretel, Devil & CO, which the audience cannot escape. Their acting with the puppets – and above all with their voices – is brilliant and simply very funny.
Theater der Zeit – Theatre of the Time, yearbook 2008

Claus Knecht Großmann: Susanne Claus, Jonas Knecht, and Lutz Grossmann met while they were studying in Berlin in the puppets department of the School of Dramatic Arts "Ernst Busch", and then worked on various projects in Germany and abroad, but this project was their first project together.

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