Giant Light Circus
26, 27, 28 May at11am | 29 May at 3.30pm
30 May at 11.30am

Artistic direction: Ida Lohman Music: Axel Schappert and Mark Tuinstra Magic lantern performers: Marie Rademaekers, Rop Severin and Cecilia Arditto Trombone and Tuba: Axel Schappert Electric guitar and percussion: Mark Tuinstra Artistic Adviser: Jeannette van Steen Technique: Magic Lantern For audiences over: From 2 to 8 years Time: 40 min. Language: Without words

Giant Light Circus is a celebration of light and colour. Very special circus animals show off their tricks, and not in a sandy ring, but on a theatre-wide projection screen. A wizard announces each of the magic tricks: “Roll up, roll up! See a turtle change colour like a gobstopper! See the camel’s humps grow higher and higher! See clownfish come swimming out of a tuba!”

The magic lanterns are visible to the public. The performers move the tiny circus figures inside them. Behind the screen too, a performer sways a magic lantern to and fro like a flashlight. Two musicians provide a cheerful accompaniment on the tuba, trombone, percussion and electric guitar.

The children sit on colorful cushions close up both to the magic lanterns and the musicians. A dog jumps on an elephant, pigs play on an old seesaw. Welcome to Giant Light Circus, a warm and intimate circus.

Musiscoop is visual music theatre on a back to basics manner. With the help of a small and simple piece of cardboard, Musiscoop creates an entire world on a gigantic projection screen. On the stage, musicians and players find themselves accompanied by stands with magic lanterns. A magic lantern is a large primal projector, dating from before the technologies of film and photography. Now, in the 21st century, Musiscoop uses these projectors to bring forward contemporary images that move to live music, which has been composed for Musiscoop especially. Colorful triangles flourish, a puppet dances a tragic waltz or an elephant trumpets with its trunk.

The spectator sits close to both the lanterns and the musicians. Everyone can share the experience from close up and watch the images come into being. Musiscoop is an initiative set up by visual artist Ida Lohman (1961-2007). Since 1997, she has been engaged in contemporary, experimental magic lantern performances. She died in September 2007, just in the middle of the preparation of “Toverslag”. They have promised to continue her fantastic work and they do so in her spirit.


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