Residence of Artistic Creation

Paulo Duarte Là Où - Marionnette Contemporaine

10 to 14 May

Concept: Paulo Duarte Artistic collaboration: Renaud Herbin and Julika Mayer Sound and interfaces: Morgan Daguenet Lighting design: Fabien Bossard

A residence of artistic creation from Paulo, "PLUG", will take place during FIMFA.

"PLUG" is in its initial phase of creation, it intends to challenge the wandering of the virtual point of view, putting this notion in challenge, under the gaze of new communication technologies. The new uses of the internet reclassify the notion of wandering and are open to new perceptions of space/time and subjectivity. How are we going to wander in the network itself? The virtual wandering passes through multiplier effects of space, time and identities. In a heteronymous game, in which “I can” travel, communicate, share, transform myself. Each one chooses their image, their identity, between the false and real. The manipulation, spontaneity and its application in the network, causing problems between what is intimate and what is public.

"PLUG" intends to create on stage a virtual situation, a situation in loco. How to produce a space-time and a presence state multiplied?

Paulo Duarte has graduated in Painting from Faculdade de Belas-Artes at Oporto University and in Puppet Theatre by ESNAM - École Nationale Superieure des Arts de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mezieres. His Scenography and Visual Theatre stage was directed by Josef Svoboda and Leszek Madzik. After the ESNAM he extended his experiences in several areas: set design, acting, direction, design and puppets construction and scenic objects, object theatre. He worked with Roman Paska, Joan Baixas, Fanfare Mineable, CREA - Théâtre de Tournai, Zaven Paré, Allen Weiis, among others. He has directed several training workshops at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and in AMK (Turku, Finland). He was a member of Cie Pseudonymo and has participated as an actor-manipulator and puppet builder in various artistic projects for other companies, in addition to the development of personal projects. His own work is carried out at the intersection of different artistic languages.

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