Theater Taptoe

Geneviève… si chaste, si pure
27, 28, 29 May at 11.15pm

Author: Freek Neirynck Music: Erik Satie Scenography and costumes: Luk De Bruyker Puppets: Dirk De Strooper Lighting: Alain Ongenaet Performers: Luk De Bruyker, Jan De Bruyne, Dirk De Strooper and Françoise Vanhecke (soprano) Direction: Massimo Schuster (Théâtre de l’Arc-en-Terre, Marselha) Photographs: Luk Monsaert Technique: Toy Theatre For audiences over: M/12 Time: 75 min. Language: French

The aristocratic family Cocquyt de Boezinghe from Ghent invite you in their living-room for an adapted version of Geneviève de Brabant’s classical legend. The father, Jean-Baptiste Cocquyt de Boezinghe, a real pater familias plays the show with his daughter Marie-Pharilde, his son Pierre-Alain and butler Adelin. This play describes the family’s middle class attitude with their end of the century mentality, in a comical, satirical and cynical way. Butler Adelin, who welcomes the guests (the spectators) at the door and who announces them with or without noble names, has made almost everything himself: a Belle Époque theatre, the scenery, the figures after the style of the world famous Images Pellerin d’Epinal. The piano-score of Erik Satie’s unfinished opera for puppets, performed live by father and daughter Cocquyt de Boezinghe, makes this visual and textual comic play a real theatrical festivity, in which all the spectators are involved from the beginning until the end.

For the production for adults: “Genoveva, chaste, so pure” author Freek Neirynck found his inspiration in the popular ‘blue books’ edited at the turn of the 20th century, in the international repertory of the traditional puppet theatre, with the version from José Géal and by André Longcheval for Theatre Toone and other literary sources. The complete innovation in the Taptoe version is the fact that the story of Genoveva becomes a play-within-the play.

Theater Taptoe is a professional theatre company, an artistically-talented team which has specialized in combining actors and figures (puppets, silhouettes, objects, etc.). They perform for children and adults (in 26 countries, to date) and at the most important international theatre and figure theatre festivals. Taptoe celebrated recently 40 years of existence and was three times a "Cultural Ambassador of Flanders”.

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