Alfa Theatre

Czech Republic

The Three Musketeers
13, 14, 15 May at 9.30pm 16 May at 5pm

Direction: Tomáš Dvo*ák Scenography: Tomáš Dvořák, Ivan Nesveda and Pavel Vašíček Set: Ivan Nesveda Songs lyrics: Blanka Josephová-Luňáková Music: Michal Vaniš Performers: Martin Bartůšek, Petr Borovský, Martina J. Hartmannová, Bohumil Holý, Blanka Josephová-Luňáková, Robert Kroupar, Matěj Siegl and Vladimír Sosna Technicians: Filip Bosák e Vlastimil Vorda Production: Tomáš Froyda (director), Gabriela Darebná (production direction) Technique: Hand puppets For audiences over: M/8 Time: 55 min. Language: Czech, English and French

A grotesque hand puppet variant of the immortal story of a group of four, whose motto was “all for one, one for all!“ was inspired not only by the novel by Alexander Dumas Sr., but also by the silent grotesque of Max Linder from the beginning of the 20s of the last century. The performance, which can be characterized as “scenic comics“, emphasizes the visual component and action. Alfa Theatre uses only “SMS“ language and live songs on the stage. You will experience suspense, humor, comedy, merciless duels as well as professional puppetry and live music with beautiful songs. Comprehension of Czech is not necessary. Audiences can find everything they could wish for in an adaptation of “The Three Musketeers”: excitement, humor, situation comedy, fierce duels, along with professional puppet work and a directorial vision that infuse the classic story with entertainment, but with oversight of knowledge and love.

The immediate predecessor of the Alfa Theatre, Divadlo Dětí, started in 1966 in premises of the Alfa on Americká street. Its first manager was Ladislav Dvořák, and its first post-revolution manager Miroslav Pokorný. In 1992 it moved to a modern building at Rokycanská 7 and gained its current name. It is sponsored by the city of Pilsen. In the 1970s and 80s, they worked with renowned directors and playwrighters and set designers. Since 2006, the theatre's manager has been Tomáš Froyda. The current creative team (artistic head and director Tomáš Dvořák, playwright Pavel Vašíček, and set designer Ivan Nesveda), together with non-resident artists and actors, favours a comedic concept of theatre, seeing the puppet as a dominant and unusually attractive stage phenomenon. The theatre performs to a broad range of audiences, including nursery-school children, young people and adults. For all of them it provides an alternative to the dominant media culture, an alternative featuring literary and artistic quality, original staging methods (all kinds of puppet techniques combined with live actors) and a composite stage form, with music (often live) playing an important role. Above all, there is the irreplaceable contact, through emotion and laughter, with live art, and, moreover, in a truly cultural environment. The repertoire is broad in theme and genre, from classical and modern fairy tales to world drama. "The Three Musketeers" won over twenty one awards in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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