The Last Caravan

17 May at 9.30pm

Documentary film, 64m, 2008

Concept and script: Ida Hledíková-Polívková Director: Peter Beňovský Director of Photography: Richard Krivda Producer: Lívia Filusová Music: Vladimír Martinka Editor: Zuzana Csépló Cooperation: Olaf Bernstengel and Josef Krofta Cast: Anton Anderle, Mária Dubská, František Karol Dubský, Štefánia Husáková, Uwe Dombrowsky, Evelyn Dombrowsky, Kerstin Dombrowsky-Wilhelm, Kurt Dombrowsky, Antje Glanz, Bettina Fischer, Johannes Fischer, Henrik Kemény, Anna Nováková-Kopecká, Rostislav Novák snr., Rostislav Novák jnr., Matěj Kopecký, and Mirka Kopecká Production: Furia Film Ltd. Language: Slovak, Czech, German and Hungarian With English subtitles The film was made with the participation of Slovak Television, Czech Television, Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany, and Ministry of Culture of Slovak.

After the film there will be a talk with Ida Hledíková-Polívková and the director Peter Beňovský will be also present.

The FIMFA Lx10 exhibits the premiere of “The Last Caravan” in Portugal, a singular documentary film that presents the lives and life-style of the last authentic comedians - puppeteers in the Central European region (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany) in various cultural and social contexts. They are literally the last strolling comedians; some of them still play and live in their caravans and maintain their lifestyle as wandering entertainers. Besides the lives of the individual people, the film focuses on the common roots of this kind of European culture. We can see on the screen four nomad family portraits - The Dubsky and Anderle Family from Slovakia, The Kopecky and Novak Family from Czech Republic, The Kemeny Family from Hungary and The Dombrowski Family from Germany. Four stories of free-spirited people who gave up the comfort and warmth of their stable home out of love for the art of comedy and also because of a strong bond to family traditions. This is a film about emotions, love, and true values…

We would like to make a special mention about the participation of Anton Anderle, one of the famous puppeteers presented in the film, unfortunately this was his last role, he died shortly after the filming. This also a tribute to him. The Slovakian company Tradicné Bábkové Divadlo Anton Anderle has a special place in our hearts. Anton Anderle was a true friend and participated in the festival in 2003. He also presented a small exhibition at Teatro Taborda and in this 2010 edition, it would be obvious to us that he would be here. He was magical, with a wisdom and unique energy, a skillful manipulator and a great talker…

“The Last Caravan” has been presented in many film and puppetry festivals. In 2008 the film was awarded by Prize of Martin Slivka at international festival ETNOFILM in Čadca, Slovakia.


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