Paisagens em Trânsito
12 May at 9.30pm

Creation and performer: Patrick Murys Direction and dramaturgy collaboration: André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo Music: Luís Pedro Madeira and Isabelle Fuchs Construction: Sandra Neves (props, puppets and costumes), Carlos Pinheiro with the collaboration of Nuno Guedes (scenography) Ligthing design: Cristóvão Cunha with the collaboration of Pedro Fonseca Special acknowledgements: Luciano Amarelo (actor direction) Light and sound operation: Pedro Fonseca Costumes made by: Alexandra Barbosa Production: Ana Carvalhosa (direction) and Cláudia Santos Photographs: João Vladimiro and Stratos Ntontsis Acknowledgements: Leonor Barata and Léonard Executive production: Corropio, Lda Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/8 Time: 55 min. Co-production: Câmara Municipal do Fundão and Moagem – Cidade do Engenho e das Artes Company sponsored by Ministério da Cultura/Direcção-Geral das Artes

On a lobby of an imaginary train station, there is a man with a lot of suitcases. A man without destiny with a story hidden in his luggage. The train does not arrive. Desperate, the man opens a suitcase after another, revealing pieces of his life. Bells, combat uniforms, straw, soil, memory landscapes gradually discovered at the bottom of each suitcase. The railway line connects the dots of the history. It starts where it ends. Is he a real traveler? The driver of the train? The train guard? Characters who help us to build our own train and move on. Developing the puppetry and object fields, the physical theatre, the theme of exile appears on this solo as a center of interrogations.

Circolando develops its activity since 1999. The main objects of its projects are the creation and diffusion of shows. As a complement it also promotes formation workshops in several artistic fields. Circolando wishes to affirm its very own artistic language intersecting several universes: physical theatre, dance, image theatre, music, video and plastic arts. All projects develop a visual, sensorial and poetic language.

With the aim of stressing the nomad character of the different projects, They want all of them to make a wide intinerancy circuit, both in Portugal and abroad. Circolando has already presented its work in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, United Kigdom, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Brazil, South Korea and China. It has been collecting very positive reviews, widening therefore the recognition and visibility of the project.

In 2006 Circolando had the idea of supporting projects authored by regular collaborators of the company with whom there is a deep artistic connection. These called Projectos-Satélite, and "Paisagens em Trânsito”, is one of them.

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