Criadores de Imagens


Troiando - Lisístrata
13, 14 May at 11pm

Concept and construction: José Carlos Barros Performers: José Carlos Barros and Fernanda Carvalho For audiences over: M/14 Time: 30 min. Language: Portuguese

"Troiando” it’s a performance inspired on the real Trojan Horse, recovered in archaeological excavations on the territory of the modern Turkey.

During two thousand years it was thought it was just a myth and that, if existed, it would have been of wooden. Pure mistake, today we can say that it still exists and is made of bronze!

Dazzle with its graceful poise walking in the cloister of the Museu da Marioneta and be stunned with the Greek stories that the horse carries on its belly ... a kind of comic book in three dimensions... a story about women and their sexual abstinence with their husbands so they would stop the civil war in Greece ... curious? Come and see this special horse…

José Carlos Barros is the artistic director and founder of the Criadores de Imagens, an experimental troupe of performers that crosses animated objects with the human figure. It is a itinerating and repertoire company, based on a balance of representation between the traditional and popular party and the dramatic texts, giving priority to the Iberian spirit and Lusophony. Its principal purpose is to interfere with animated images in urban or rural architecture and, finally, to organize thematic parades in partnership with other institutions.

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