Hermanos Oligor


Las Tribulaciones de Virgínia
19, 20, 21, 22 May at 10pm

Idea, creation and direction: Hermanos Oligor Technique: Object theatre and automatons For audiences over: M/12 Time: 60 min. Language: Spanish Co-production:Festival Internacional de Teatre Visual i de Titelles de Barcelona Limited audience

This show left the basement where it was created thanks to Manolo Martín, Juan Loriente, Victor Molina, Anna Alcubierre, Jordi Fondevilla.

Las Tribulaciones de Virginia is performed with mechanic dolls, toys and Valentino, who uses them to tell us a story that makes us think of love and relationships.

Virginia loves Valentino, Valentino loves Virginia – a tragic love story that causes Valentino to create a special magical universe. His stage – a place between a fun fair stand and a circus ring – is under the law of action and reaction as any romantic attachment. Machines are inspired by cause-effect experiments, by mobile toys and automatons that move by means of pulleys and pedals. Funfair music, music boxes and the convenient spirit of tangos accompanies the performance. And everything is – how could it not be – of rare beauty. Finally one heart meets the other.

The Hermanos Oligor are two young men who lock themselves into a basement for three years where they create a world of puppets and mechanical gadgets, all made from recycled materials. With no prior experience, they enter into the process of creation of a small, fragile love story in which the lines of reality and fiction become blurred. From this self imposed imprisonment came this unique and innovative show, a play of mirrors that brings life to these objects and a really special ambiance…

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