João Calixto e Tiago Viegas


As Pequenas Cerimónias
23 May at 5 pm

Creation and performers: João Calixto e Tiago Viegas Project, scenography and puppets: João Calixto Direction: Pedro Santiago Cal Production: Dolores Matos – FIAR Centro de Artes de Rua Production assistant: João Chicó Video and photographs: Frederico Lobo Acknowledgements: Nuno Tomaz, Mathieu Matik, Conceição Ferreira, Chapitô, Sérgio Milhano, Paté Filmes, Teatro o Bando Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/6 Time: 50 min. Language: Without words

The tragic saga of a strong spiked coffee’s night. Served by themselves and by their puppets. The best menu ever served in this house: soup, main course, bread, wine, coffee, dessert and a delicious dance (cover charge included).

Sitting at the table, two lads are resting, looking at each other within the emptiness of a break for a nap. The radio is on and the Captain is sleeping. There are customers arriving while others are leaving. They come for the usual meal or simply for a shot of bagaço. Sometimes it is possible to have a close look of the cook, a French styled gentleman whose life is embedded in a closet whose doors open into a universe of knives and meat cutters, scissors and other tools of dubious usefulness. But he is a master of the illusion of cutlery, transforming his pommes de terre into extravagant and delicious gourmet dishes. Some other times the boss, the rooster with a German accent, shows up, a vertigo element with his hasty daily habit of making a fuss…

João Calixto has been developing scenographic and object theatre techniques since 1999. He belonged to Circolando company until 2005 and currently he collaborates with diverse artistic projects, as Piajio, Clara Andermatt or Turak Production, among others.

Tiago Viegas has developed circus and theatre techniques to form a comical and dramatical universe since 1995. He worked with Bruno Bravo, Filipe Crawford, Gina Tochetto, João Brites, John Mowat and José Carlos Garcia. He works regularly with the companies Primeiros Sintomas and Companhia do Chapitô.

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