Là Où - Marionnette Contemporaine | Paulo Duarte


Petites Âmes
6 May at 11.30pm and 00.15pm
7, 8 May at 11pm and 11.45pm

Idea, scenography and puppeteer: Paulo Duarte Direction: Paulo Duarte and Renaud Herbin Collaboration: Julika Mayer Sound and video interface: Morgan Daguenet Video: Nicolas Lelièvre Lighting design: Fabien Bossard Trainee: Bérénie Plunian Technique: Puppets and video For audiences over: M/8 Time: 30 min. Language: Without words Co-production: Bonlieu – Scène Nationale d’Annecy

Paulo Duarte offers a poetic and visual universe that touches and interrogates the ways of how the memory is created.

How memories are created? How do they differ? How can a single event be recounted and transformed in itself?
“Alminhas” is a Portuguese popular expression that designates a monument on a roadside that signals an event. In the expression "Alminhas," the metaphor of the road brings the movement, the glow of thought and the memory in transformation, the imagination in march.

The spirits go, the objects remain. Small souls at the roadsides trying to score the spirits of the living, leaving the trace of a person or an event, violating our sense of time. " Petites Âmes" plays with this metaphysical and creates a fleeting eternity ...

In the stage, a metaphor of an anonymous altar, a character moves through his own memories. The use of video programming allows it to confront with his own memories: the past and the present. The images recorded during the performance are broadcast at different times of the show, to create disturbances linked to his memory: what you have just seen is modified (meaning and space) by the projection.

Observe the beautiful anonymous character evolve in his own memories, in a fascinating encounter between the video projection, the puppeteer and the puppet…

Paulo Duarte has graduated in Painting from Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Oporto University and in Puppet Theatre by ESNAM - École Nationale Superieure des Arts de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mezieres. His Scenography and Visual Theatre stage was directed by Josef Svoboda and Leszek Madzik. After the ESNAM he extended his experiences in several areas: set design, acting, direction, design and puppets construction and scenic objects, object theatre. He has worked with Roman Paska, Joan Baixas, Fanfare Mineable, CREA - Théâtre de Tournai, Zaven Paré, Allen Weiis, among others. He directed several training workshops at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and in AMK (Turku, Finland). He was a member of Cie Pseudonymo and has participated as an actor-manipulator and puppet builder in various artistic projects for other companies, in addition to the development of personal projects. His own work is carried out at the intersection of different artistic languages.

The company Là Où was founded in 1999 by Julika Mayer and Reunaud Herbin, working in contemporary puppetry. In 2007 they invited the Portuguese Paulo Duarte in order to solidify their project.

Reunaud Herbin, Julika Mayer and Paul Duarte, all graduated all by ESNAM, work in their own projects, but they are also associated with the projects of each other, working together and often inviting other artists (puppeteers, dancers, choreographers, actors, circus performers, playwrights, visual artists, designers, videographers, sound designers and lighting, etc.). Là Où is a place of questioning and affirmation of what can currently be the puppetry art. It’s about delivering the viewers the responsibility of their reading, interpretation and the reconstruction of their own vision, to invite them to become a subject in action and an agent of the show.

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