Short Films

Hotel Modern

History of the World, Part Eleven
7 to 15 May Before and after each show

A devastating reconstruction of the attack on the Twin Towers. With the help of juice cartons, clay dolls and cardboard furniture, the viewer sees through the eyes of the hijackers, the aeroplane passengers and the people in the towers.
“Destruction triumphs here. One does not know whether to cry at so many wasted lives or rejoice at the abundance of theatrical imagination on display”. - Marijn van der Jagt , Vrij Nederland

Snailtrails Slakkesporen

The film of Snailtrails.
Snailtrails is a surreal portrait of a day and night from the life of an elderly somewhat confused lady. In her perception Time and Space are elastic. She undertakes an odyssey across the city, an amalgamate of Rotterdam, Berlin and Tokio. Through her confused eyes we see this metropolis: cars are flat-irons, pedestrians are shrimps and the bumper cars at the fair take the form of children's shoes. The chaos of the city, its bustling alleys, parks and shopping malls, appears to correlate to the chaos in her head.

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