Teatro de Ferro


8, 9 May at 5.30pm

Direction: Igor Gandra Text: João Pedro Domingos d’Alcântara Gomes Music: Fernando Rodrigues Video: Luís Espinheira (night time/indoor version) Movement: Carla Veloso Lighting design: Rui Maia (night time/indoor version) Performers: Ana Gabriel Mendes, José Pedro Ferraz, Julieta Rodrigues, Rodrigo Malvar and Igor Gandra (voice) Set up direction: Virgínia Moreira Construction workshop: Frederico Godinho (coordination), Gil Rovisco, Nuno Bessa and Inês Mamede Stage photography: Susana Neves Special appearance: Ninjas Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/12 Time: Aprox. 50 min. Language: Portuguese Co-production: Teatro de Ferro, Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto and Teatro Municipal de Faro/Serviço Educativo Company sponsored by: Ministério da Cultura/Direcção-Geral das Artes Audience: Limited audience to the number of wireless headphones distributed (90)

Show based on the readings of Robinson Crusoe.
The original text is listen via wireless headphones and is assumed like a lecture, a telepathic radio broadcast and a score. Starting as an object of collective imagination, many times revisited in literature and cinema, “Sexta-Feira” is located (or drifts) at the confluence of languages. In the process of emission - reception, between word and gesture, the total process of listening and the fragmented and singular look, reinvents itself as a synthesis, an individual and collective creative process, a construction of multiple intersecting narratives.

"Sexta-Feira" is the result of an intense gathering (and omnivore) activity, on this proposal, a set of widely scattered references served as reflexion, transformation and creation of specific codes for this play.

The puppet comes almost dematerialized, or materialized as practice. A curious and experimental work that can be seen on a garden…

The Teatro de Ferro develops its work since 1999, in the universe of puppetry, movement and multimedia. Since 2003 has been sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. The company is located in Gaia, with artistic direction of Carla Veloso and Igor Gandra, who received the award Revelação Ribeiro da Fonte, attributed by the Ministério da Cultura / Instituto das Artes.

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