Valeria Guglietti


Don’t touch my hands
6 May at 11pm 7 May at 10.45pm

Creator and puppeteer: Valeria Guglietti Technique: Hand Shadows For audiences over: For all ages Time: 20 min. Language: Without words

From the beginning of time man has coexisted with his shadow. He began playing with his hands drawing ephemeral forms, then the Chinese turned these shadows into an art form which has been spread all over the world.

With a simple contrast of light and shadow, Valeria Guglietti depends on the wondrous capacity of her hands to create this show, a Chinese shadows spectacle where silent film, puppets, comics and music leads us to a magical world where we can enjoy her stories and characters to the fullest.

The company was founded in Villa Gesell, a town on the coast of Argentina where her "one woman show" was first presented. The originality, creativity and vivacity of this show was applauded by audiences of all ages. From this experience, practice and research became fundamental to an art where an abundance of information is lacking. She has developed a fantastic dexterity for hand shadows, thanks to her studies in piano as a child. She has participated in many international puppet festivals with her special magic world of shadows.

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